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About our Team

We are a collaborative of women who understand the deeper meanings of home.
Each of us brings unique skills and experiences to the table to support you
through the entire process of buying and selling.

Des Moines, IA + Metro Area // Lead Realtor

Andraya Stender

Community is where it all started for me, and it's where I circle back to in what I do. I'm passionate about giving back to my community with my time and portions of each home I sell. Which is probably not a bad thing to share with people, right?

My goal is to meet people where they are - whatever their needs and goals are for themselves, and not others' expectations of them. Growing up, I learned to be without a lot in my life and not take any opportunities for granted. The way my mom would give so freely without expectation and judgment has always been an inspiration to me.

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A little more
About Andraya


After graduating from U.N.I. with a degree in Social Work, an internship between a local emergency shelter and Iowa Homeless Youth Centers brought me to the Des Moines area. Since then we've rooted into this community and haven't looked back.


Our stay at a gorgeous AirBnB during a trip to Portland, Maine inspired my partner, Tyler, and I to create our own short-term rental space in downtown Des Moines. We enjoyed it so much and are now transitioning into more long-term investment opportunities.


I'm a bit of foodie, and a friend of all the taco trucks. Some of my favorite local places to grab a bite or drink include Zanzibar, Slow Down Coffee, Gong Fu Tea, Tacos Mariana's, Nook & Nest in Ankeny. I enjoy walking the murals in Des Moines and the farmer's markets all around the metro!


Hey, ENFP here! I can't pick up a book without starting it in the middle, working my way around, and eventually (maybe) making it back to the beginning. I enjoy photography, and you can view my interior work all around this site! I used to work as a life coach as well.

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Dreams to reality

We never want you to wonder, "what could have been?" so we make it our job to listen to all your dreams (even the ones you may think are a little crazy) 
and match those with their full potential.

Client Focused

We've noticed something. What drives us individually seems to be key to knowing where we need to go next. Whether what lies beneath the surface is a desire for financial stability, security, or building a strong foundation of wealth for your future. When you know what you want, the beautiful thing is that settling is no longer an option. We are here for that, and then if or when that shifts, we will be here for that too.

Seeing what you see

Here's the thing, our vision is not just ours. It's yours! We are here to ask the right questions that will help us best understand your needs, help you find what you are searching for, and make the process as smooth as possible. Think of us like your hype group that knows a thing or two about spinning dreams into reality.

Process Driven

Time is a hot commodity in real estate, so we've put together processes to ensure we're not missing a beat. We not only prioritize knowing our market but investing in relationships with other Realtors, builders, and businesses to help us navigate through anything we encounter and set the precedent for positive experiences along the way.

We are unconditionally grateful for our team's support and access that spans Ankeny, Des Moines, and all over central Iowa to help us meet your needs.


Your Haven

We want to help you connect the dots from where you are now to the kitchen you see yourself cooking a meal with family in or the sunroom you'll spend weekends in with a good book and a glass of wine.

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