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Communities don't stop at the sale - they are sidekicks on the journey. We are so grateful for your company along the way, and this is our small
way of giving back to you.

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We've been curating a few tips we've picked up along the way. Part of our job is making sure your confidence and excitement with the buying or selling process
has every opportunity to thrive.

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what to prepare for in the 2022 market

tips and resources for for anyone looking to buy in 2022 and understanding the market Thinks to be on the look out for.

Understanding your  resources

Community resources for people needing tailored experience resources helpful for home owners tax credits etc. Vendor resources, who is local. Veted resourcs.


Client Love

"Andraya was such a pleasure to work with in helping us sell our first home! She was attentive and professional during the entire process, provided valuable feedback and information, and didn't hesitate to fix any issues that came about the ins and outs of selling. Highly recommend!"

Katharine V.